Winter Wishlist

Wishlist - Winter 2012

Dress - Missguided / Docs - Dr Martens / Boots - ASOS / Socks - Topshop / Bracelet - Rare London / Hat - River Island(sold out) / Jeans - Blue Banana

So this is my wishlist of things that I really want this month, some of these things I am trying to find the perfect  versions of and some I just need to save up a little more cash for. So firstly I have been trying to find a reasonably priced oxblood/burgandy coloured velvet skater dress as I know that oxblood is this seasons big colour. Velvet is also gorgeous wintery feel fabric and I know that this dress would look perfect on Christmas day. Next I have been wanting some cherry red Doc's for about a year and they are on my Christmas list so fingers crossed...I have also been looking for a pair of black ankle boots like these Chelsea Boots which since finding on ASOS I have fallen in love with. Then to go with the black boots I would love some cheap white socks with frills on the top, they just look so cute. I follow Le Happy's blog and she wears a black beanie hat in a lot of her posts so I would love at hat like hers. I am loving the studded trend that is out now and having been trying to find a spike bracelet that would compliment any outfit and also that edginess to it. And lastly I have been searching everywhere for a pair of white tartan jeans! When I was out shopping last week, I saw a girl with a pair and I have been looking for some for a while and although I have found the occasional pair, I can't seem to find any in my size. I have loved tartan ever since watching Clueless a few years ago and I feel a black and white pair of jeans would just look awesome.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I will be adding these items to my wardrobe soon although I know I may not be able to have all of them but I hope you can take inspiration from this post,

Lissi-Jayne ♥

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